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Weekly radio show hosted by the editors of Skillset Magazine. Each episode Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak interview celebrities, athletes, industry leaders, military and law enforcement heroes and on occasion, give a tongue and cheek breakdown of our current social climate in America.

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Mar 21, 2019

Join Jason and Ben as they blast out some of the most insane news headlines during their weekly Youtube Live Show.

Mar 18, 2019

Put on your seat belts as we embark on the crazy journey of Cork Graham. From spending 11 months in a Vietnam prison to fighting in a secret war in Central America, this man defines the word "adventurer".

Mar 14, 2019

He's back! Join the Skillset editors as they sit down with world renown knife thrower and star of History Channel's Knife or Death, Mr. Jason Johnson.

Mar 11, 2019

Join the editors of Skillset as they engage in a deep conversation with former elite powerlifter, Brandon Lilly. Covering the highs and lows of competing as well as the struggle to regain a normal life after he leaves the big stage.

Mar 7, 2019

Join Jason and Ben as they take a stroll down memory lane and cover the highlights of their 2 years in the podcast game!