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Weekly radio show hosted by the editors of Skillset Magazine. Each episode Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak interview celebrities, athletes, industry leaders, military and law enforcement heroes and on occasion, give a tongue and cheek breakdown of our current social climate in America.

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Jun 26, 2020

With all the chaos happening in the USA right now, it seems everybody forgot about checking in on the Sunshine State. Well, leave it to the self-proclaimed #1 podcast in the world to re-explore "America's Dong" and keep you up to date with the antics of the infamous, "Florida Man".

Jun 17, 2020

This week we welcome USMC combat veteran and 2A influencer, Black Rambo to Skillset Live! In this phone conversation we cover his path through the Marines, his entrepreneurial drive in the firearms community and then some rapid fire questions to round out the interview. Finally, Jason and Ben wrap the show with their 2...

Jun 1, 2020

Wow, it's been a hell of a week. From peaceful protests to criminal looting, our country has taken a beating. Even though there are "entities" out there that want to see America fall, they seem to forget one big thing....we are still family. We will fight, cuss, spit and argue with each other....but we are blood. We...